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Do I need an end-suction CXS or a full-bodied CSU waterous pump? This guideline will help you decide.

Imagine for a moment that you are on a truck committee and the apparatus you are tasked with purchasing is a pump rated at 1500 GPM. You ask for solutions to save some space and weight on a proposed apparatus but also want to keep the pump performance at 1500 GPM.

The OEM suggests an end suction pump, which seems to meet the flow and pressure requirements you set forth, as well as saving some space and weight. You could also see a smaller pump house as well as a more compact pump control panel. This could mean a shorter wheelbase. You may also see a slightly lower price. Seems like an easy choice.

Before you select this option, let’s look at the differences and similarities between an end suction pump and a full-bodied pump.



When your crew is responding to a call, it’s certainly not the time to discover there’s an issue with your department’s emergency apparatus. Not to mention, discovering these issues too late often requires excess funds that the department simply doesn’t have.

Another reason daily and weekly inspections are so important is liability. If you are out on the road and face an accident because you’ve failed to do your regular maintenance checks, then the full liability is on the driver. As the local department, keep yourself in the position of responding to emergency response calls, not calling them in.

Downtime, costly repairs, and having emergency apparatus involved in preventable accidents don’t do your community any good. Enhance crew safety and save time and money on your fire truck repairs through regular maintenance of [...]

Tandem Axle Pumper/Tanker

At what point should a fire truck go from a single axle to a tandem axle? It can be difficult to know. There are many factors to consider and mixed interpretations of axle ratings depending on who you ask. Because of this, axles have long presented a challenge for manufacturers. Thankfully, the experienced team at Metalfab has seen it all, and we’re here to make sure you choose the axle that’s right for your next custom fire truck.

While weight remains the dominant deciding factor, it’s also important to consider local road restrictions, turning radius, and compartment capacity before making a final call in regards to which axle is a good fit for your emergency vehicle. Correct interpretations of axle ratings will vary by your state or provincial or state regulations, so we always assess these on [...]

Fires and related incidents aren’t only responded to and occur in Municipal settings. Industrial plants and facilities also require their own internal Fire Response Teams. From refineries, tank farms, mining facilities, to other large Manufacturing and Industrial facilities, investing in a custom unit that meets the unique needs of your facility is an invaluable asset for all on the response team.

North Perth, ON

Metalfab Commercial Top Mount Enclosed Pumper

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Metalfab Tandem Axle Tanker

Loyalist Township, ON

Metalfab Single Axle Tanker

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Metalfab Custom Top Mount Enclosed Pumper

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Metalfab Single Axle Tanker
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