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One of the most difficult topics to discuss is the high incidence of cancer in firefighters. According to data from the Firefighter Cancer Support Network (FCSN), cancer is the most dangerous threat for firefighters today. Sadly, over 60 percent of firefighter deaths in the line of duty between 2002 and 2017 were due to cancer. The CDC and National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety report a nine percent higher risk of being diagnosed with cancer for firefighters versus the general population.

Gone are the days when grit and soot proved the mettle of a local firefighter. “When I first got on, the more you smelled like soot and smoke, the more work it meant you were doing,” said veteran firefighter William Duesler in the Miami Herald. “Now, it’s no longer a badge [...]

If you are a fire chief, the purchase of a new fire truck may be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make in your career.   You will be making a decision that will cost your town or municipality no less than $200,000 and probably a whole lot more.  Just recently, we delivered a truck to a Canadian  department that cost upwards of $1 million.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1901 recommends that departments replace their fire trucks after 20 years of service.  Many will need replacement earlier, because of an accident, mechanical failure or simple wear and tear.  While not mandatory, most departments will abide by this standard to ensure that their equipment is reliable and ready to go when needed.  Most likely, the fire chief—as well as the town—has long anticipated this expense [...]

When it comes time to fighting fire, having the right priming system is critical to delivering water as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Without the right system in place—and an operator properly trained to use it—lives and property can unnecessarily be on the line. 

Priming systems are necessary to remove air from the suction hose and pump in preparation for commencing water flow.  The traditional priming system has three main components:  a priming valve, a vacuum pump and a lubricating oil reserve.  After water is drained from the pump following operation, it becomes filled with air and doesn’t have enough vacuum power to function.  Activating the primer removes air from inside the fire pump, which allows water to begin to flow in preparation for continuous operation.

On early types of fire trucks, automatic priming functionality allowed [...]

The novel Coronavirus has brought pain and heartache to millions of families, including many in our own firefighting communities.  A quick Google search reveals hundreds of local obituaries of veteran first responders who have succumbed to the disease – all leaving behind distraught families to pick up the pieces.

Fortunately, over the past several months, our learning about virus safety and protection has grown by leaps and bounds.  Prominent epidemiologists, infectious-disease specialists and public health experts have quickly educated us about simple and effective steps we can all take to avoid contamination, including frequent handwashing and sanitation, social distancing and mask wearing.

For first responders, of course, the risk of contamination is part of the job, but that doesn’t mean your department can’t be protected against COVID-19.  We have compiled some recommendations for COVID safety [...]

Easy to Sanitize Poly Cabinets

Metalfab is excited to announce the introduction of the new MP-100 Series Cabinets. These cabinets and drawers are made solely of polypropylene. No metal or dissimilar materials are used in the construction. The construction of the units is specifically designed to allow for easy and full sanitization of the unit.

Easy to Sanitize Poly Cabinets

For more information contact Metalfab at 1-800-561-0012 X24 or

The 2020 nomination period for the “Jim Hayter Memorial Scholarship” is now open and runs until April 24th 2020.

This scholarship award is given to one applicant in the amount of $1,500.00.

The “Jim Hayter Memorial Scholarship” was established in 2017 to honour the late Jim Hayter, a charter member of the Canadian Volunteer Fire Services Association (CVFSA). Chief Hayter was also a firefighter with the Alvinston, Ontario fire department for 44 years, 15 of which he served as fire chief. In addition to his dedication to the Fire Services, Chief Hayter was extremely active in the community including serving as Deputy Mayor. This award is sponsored by Metalfab Fire Trucks of Centreville, NB and presented by the Canadian Volunteer Fire Services Association.

Eligible applicants for the scholarship are CVFSA members or dependent children of members who are pursuing their goal of higher education under the age of 25.  Applicants [...]

Metalfab and the Nova Scotia Firefighters’ Curling Association have come to an agreement where Metalfab has become the title sponsor of their annual championship. The winner of the provincial championship then moves on to represent the province at the National championship. The 2020 provincial championship is being held in Lunenburg on January 31 – February 2. For more information, please follow their facebook site – .

Metalfab is proud to announce that they are now the title sponsor of the Prince Edward Island Firefighters’ Curling Association. The Association hosts an annual curling championship, the winner of which represents the province at the national championships which will be held in 2020 in Charlottetown, PE. The PEI Championship will be held on January 17-19, 2020 at the Charlottetown Curling Club. Further information on the event can be found at –

It’s been called ‘the toughest two minutes in sport’, a grueling showcase of athleticism and skills honed in the line of fire fighting duty. Now, fire fighters from New Brunswick, across Canada, and the United States will have their chance to compete and compare their mettle at the first regional event of the Canadian FireFit Championships to be held in Centreville, NB.

On August 1st and 2nd 2020, male and female fire fighters alike will compete in teams and as individuals in a range of fire-fighting tasks performed in emergency situations, such as donut roll lifts, hydrant runs, hose drags and victim rescues, to be placed in the top tier of their field.

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