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2021 Jim Hayter Memorial Scholarship

An Annual Scholarship in Memory of Chief Jim Hayter

The 2021 nomination period for the “Jim Hayter Memorial Scholarship” is now open and runs until Friday April 30,  2021.

This scholarship award is given to one applicant in the amount of $1,500.00.

The “Jim Hayter Memorial Scholarship” was established in 2017 to honour the late Jim Hayter, a charter member of the Canadian Volunteer Fire Services Association (CVFSA). Chief Hayter was also a firefighter with the Alvinston, Ontario fire department for 44 years, 15 of which he served as fire chief. In addition to his dedication to the Fire Services, Chief Hayter was extremely active in the community including serving as Deputy Mayor. This award is sponsored by Metalfab Fire Trucks of Centreville, NB and presented by the Canadian Volunteer Fire Services Association.

Eligible applicants for the scholarship are CVFSA members or dependent children of members who are pursuing their goal of higher education under [...]

Do I need an end-suction CXS or a full-bodied CSU waterous pump? This guideline will help you decide.

Imagine for a moment that you are on a truck committee and the apparatus you are tasked with purchasing is a pump rated at 1500 GPM. You ask for solutions to save some space and weight on a proposed apparatus but also want to keep the pump performance at 1500 GPM.

The OEM suggests an end suction pump, which seems to meet the flow and pressure requirements you set forth, as well as saving some space and weight. You could also see a smaller pump house as well as a more compact pump control panel. This could mean a shorter wheelbase. You may also see a slightly lower price. Seems like an easy choice.

Before you select this option, let’s look at the differences and similarities between an end suction pump and a full-bodied pump.



When your crew is responding to a call, it’s certainly not the time to discover there’s an issue with your department’s emergency apparatus. Not to mention, discovering these issues too late often requires excess funds that the department simply doesn’t have.

Another reason daily and weekly inspections are so important is liability. If you are out on the road and face an accident because you’ve failed to do your regular maintenance checks, then the full liability is on the driver. As the local department, keep yourself in the position of responding to emergency response calls, not calling them in.

Downtime, costly repairs, and having emergency apparatus involved in preventable accidents don’t do your community any good. Enhance crew safety and save time and money on your fire truck repairs through regular maintenance of [...]

Tandem Axle Pumper/Tanker

At what point should a fire truck go from a single axle to a tandem axle? It can be difficult to know. There are many factors to consider and mixed interpretations of axle ratings depending on who you ask. Because of this, axles have long presented a challenge for manufacturers. Thankfully, the experienced team at Metalfab has seen it all, and we’re here to make sure you choose the axle that’s right for your next custom fire truck.

While weight remains the dominant deciding factor, it’s also important to consider local road restrictions, turning radius, and compartment capacity before making a final call in regards to which axle is a good fit for your emergency vehicle. Correct interpretations of axle ratings will vary by your state or provincial or state regulations, so we always assess these on [...]

Bracebridge Fire Chief Murray Medley has always had a love of fire trucks. He was recruited to join Bracebridge 42 years ago by his brother-in-law, who was a volunteer firefighter with the department at the time. In 2000, Murray volunteered to take on the position of part-time fire chief. In 2007, when balancing the position with his landscaping business became too much, he was offered the full-time position he is in today.

This month we’d like to spotlight Murray and the Bracebridge Fire Department for their commendable service and dedication to keeping the town of Bracebridge and the surrounding area safe.

Tell me a little about the town of Bracebridge.

Well, it’s grown up over the years. We had a bit of a manufacturing base up until the mid-70s. When those businesses started to pull out around [...]

AMDOR manufactures custom-built doors, Luma Bar lighting, and lifting systems for the emergency vehicle industry. AMDOR has enjoyed a relationship with Metalfab for over 25 years, and we appreciate the invitation to participate in one of the first editions of Metalfab Minutes. AMDOR and Metalfab are both actively involved in the Fire Apparatus Manufacturers Association (FAMA), a nonprofit trade association committed to enhancing the fire apparatus industry and emergency services community.

Burlington, ON Lancaster, NY

A member of the Innomotive Solutions Group, AMDOR was founded in Oakville, Ontario, in 1992. Today AMDOR remains a 100% Canadian owned and operated firm based in our ISO 9001 [...]

Fire trucks are expensive. Breakdowns and their associated downtime can quickly add up, making the ownership of apparatus even more costly. This is why it’s important to plan for regular maintenance on all of your trucks so that costly situations like this don’t arise. Preventative maintenance ensures the unit is ready and fully functional when it is needed and that potential problems are found before they escalate into major issues.

Common component failures on fire trucks are driveshafts, hydraulic oil pumps, steering linkages, brakes, and valves. Regular maintenance is essential to preventing these pricey breakdowns.

Preventative maintenance helps your department protect the investment you’ve made in each of your emergency response vehicles and keeps your budget in balance. To help you preserve your apparatus, we’ve put together some key factors to consider when [...]

ISO 9001 with hand on a blue background

ISO 9001 is the highest standard in quality management certification. Companies holding this certification are dedicated to providing an excellent customer experience and consistently working to streamline processes and improve operational efficiency. The holistic ISO 9001 framework also fosters better management decision making by implementing a fact-based approach. This means the critical decisions that affect both the customer and the business are made through the careful analysis of data instead of merely on a hunch.

In many cases, companies use internal quality management systems that are not certified by the ISO 9001 framework. Unfortunately, in such cases, the customer has no way of knowing these companies are being honest and transparent in their customer satisfaction measures because no external auditing process is in place. They also [...]

5 Common Mistakes on Requests for Tender

At Metalfab, we sometimes see requests for tenders submitted with documents that appear to come straight from the Internet with little review or modification.  The information may be well out of date, not in conformance with a district’s local regulations and completely inappropriate for the requesting department’s needs.   We know it’s tempting to work from an existing online document, but it’s important to spend the time researching best-case scenarios for your own situation.  Getting these details right can save enormous amounts of time and money, so we’re giving some suggestions to get you started.  Your truck dimensions, storage configurations, safety features and on-board equipment should suit your needs in order to avoid unnecessary upgrades down the road. 

Updating a document you found online to fit the needs of your fire station not [...]

The Decision to Winterize Your Fire Truck

Once the leaves have fallen from the trees and the air has become brisk, Metalfab experts often face questions by customers about the “right way” to winterize your primer.  Pumps can be run either “wet” or “dry” over the colder season and there are pros and cons to each approach, while still maximizing the life expectancy of your equipment.  We tell clients that there that there is no one “right way” to approach their winter preparations.  Some departments get an early start to winter, taking precautions far in advance of cold weather to get their trucks ready, while others take it one day at a time and succeed in getting through the winter intact.  This decision is really an individual one depending on a department’s knowledge, capabilities and [...]

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