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Merigomish, NS

Municipality/City: Merigomish
Province/State: Nova Scotia
Model: Tanker
Chassis Make: International
Chassis Model: 7400
Year Delivered: 2016
Body Style: Extruded Aluminum
Engine: MaxxForce 10
Engine Horsepower: 350 HP
Transmission: Allison 3000 EVS Auto
Pump Make: Hale
Pump Model: MBP
Pump Capacity: 625 IGPM
Water Tank Capacity: 2800 Imp Gal
Foam System: FoamPro 1600
Emergency Warning Light System: Code 3 LED
Generator: N/A
Telecopic Flood Light: FRC Spectra 12V LED
Scene Light: GHSCENE Halogen
Door Style: Amdor Roll Up & Flush Mount
Ladder Storage: Drop Down Rack
Portable Tank Storage: Drop Down Rack
Suction Hose Storage: Rear Access - Top of Body
Electrical System: Diamond Logic Multiplex
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