Current changes in Fire Department’s response areas, such as more cottages on narrow roads in the woods and houses farther off the main roads, Departments are required to come up with plans to access these areas. Mini Pumpers are one option to assist on these calls. They also have many other applications including use in Motor Vehicle Accidents, First Responder Calls, and

used as a fill site pumper for tanker shuttles.

Mini Pumpers can be

designed to fit your department’s individual needs. Many options can be tailored for your mini pumper:

  • Warning Light Systems
  • Scene Lighting Options
  • Various Body Configurations
  • Storage Options
  • Pump Sizes and Types
  • Foam Systems

Metalfab LTD’s Sales Staff will meet with your department to discuss your department’s individual needs for the Mini Pumper.  They will work in conjunction with Metalfab LTD’s Engineering staff and your department to design the unit that best meets your specific needs.

Please contact us for further information or to schedule a meeting with Metalfab LTD’s Sales Staff.

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