At any scene, one crucial element is the availability of water. It is not always that a water source is located close to the scene. For this reason, a Fire Department Tanker or Tender is a key part of the Fire Department’s Emergency Vehicle Fleet. Where every department has different levels of manpower, response areas, types of equipment, and water sources, it is crucial to have the design of the unit to best fit the way you operate.

Tankers can be designed to fit your department’s individual needs. Many options can be tailored for your tanker:

  • Warning Light Systems
  • Scene Lighting Options
  • Various Body Configurations
  • Storage Options
  • Pump Sizes and Types
  • Foam Systems

Metalfab LTD’s Sales Staff will meet with your department to discuss your department’s individual needs for the Tanker. They will work in conjunction with Metalfab LTD’s Engineering staff and your department to design the unit that best meets your specific needs.

Please contact us for further information or to schedule a meeting with Metalfab LTD’s Sales Staff.

Please contact us for further information.


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