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Utility4-sm Utility5-smFire / Rescue Utility Units

In today’s Fire Service, departments are required to carry more equipment on their vehicles so that they are prepared for any challenge they may face. They never know what emergency they may face when the pager sounds. It could be a water rescue call, a first responder call, an ice rescue, or a confined space call. They need to carry the specialized equipment for the different types of calls to which they respond. Many departments now are acquiring Utility Units to transport this equipment.

Metalfab LTD offers a line of trucks specifically configured for your department that meets how you respond to your emergency calls. Metalfab can customize an existing unit or offer a complete unit on the new or used chassis of your choice. The storage area is configured specifically for your equipment and how you want to deploy it. The Metalfab team will work with you every step of the way.

Metalfab will work with your department to design the Utility Unit that best fits your needs. Metalfab can offer the warning light system, audible warning systems, striping and lettering, pull out trays with configured storage, equipment mounts, and storage caps for the truck box.

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